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North Boulder

East Campus

The Hill

South Boulder



City Park Condos
812 City Park Ave Fort Collins, CO
Clocktower Apartments
701 Wagner Drive Fort Collins, CO
Ram’s Park Apartments
2226 Elizabeth Street Fort Collins, CO
1215 13th St
1215 13th St Boulder, CO
Goss22 Apartments
1707 22nd St Boulder, CO
The Lofts On College
1350 College Avenue Boulder, CO
1811 Walnut St
1811 Walnut St Boulder, CO
The Delta House
1005 12th Street Boulder, CO
Huntington Arms
1010 12th St. Boulder, CO
Madeline Creek Apartments
1700 17th Street Boulder, CO
Le Boulder Buddha
2995 Colorado Ave Boulder, CO
1005 14th Street Boulder, CO
The Lodge
2900 E. Aurora Ave Boulder, CO
The Lux
855 Broadway Boulder, CO
Parker Off Pearl
1155 Marine Street Boulder, CO
The Gaslamp
910 28th Street Boulder, CO
Buffalo Canyon Apartments
730 29th Street Boulder, CO
East Village Flats
2885 East Aurora Avenue Boulder, CO
View House
949 Marine Street Boulder, CO
The Mansion
1101 University Avenue Boulder, CO
University Townhomes
1065 University Boulder, CO
College Townhomes
1200 College Avenue Boulder, CO